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"Training for Show Day 2" - The Story Behind The Painting

There is a saying I saw once that hit me. The text was laid on top of a photo of a child showing a steer and it read to this effect " And the whole time, they thought the animals were the ones learning". It's so true. It's the kids who are learning so much about persistence, hard work and life.

These days are special. It's neat seeing my kiddo have the same 4-H experience that I had growing up (though things have changed so much!). It's great seeing him put in the time and persistence of training, even though some days it doesn't go his way. Those animals have a mind of their own, but they always end up with a bond. Luckily this heifer happens to be sweet as pie.

Of course, I'm always snapping pictures whenever I'm close to a potential painting subject. At first, I thought this would just be an image for our family photo album and nothing more. When I gave it more thought, I realized if it hits me in the feelers like that, it might do the same for you.




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